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Hurley Pros Visit South Coast in OB

by Raleigh on May 1, 2007

By Jody Wood

Last month, the South Coast crew in Ocean Beach had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with a few pros that rolled into town on the Hurley tour bus. Arriving Monday afternoon, a few of the pros hung with some of the shop staff and checked out our little beach town.

South Coast buyer Heather Lamb invited the Hurley crew down for a free surf session with employees and friends of the company. The shops were represented by Geoff Pouwels, George Teichman, Chris “Tofu”, James De La Cruz, and Cooper Nielson holding down their spots in the line-up among Heather Lamb and Billy “Butter” Joyce.

Hurley pros Pat O’Connell and Saxon Boucher made the most of waist to chest high surf that wasn’t exactly firing. The rest of the Hurley crew ripped it up as well.

“The surf wasn’t really that good, but it was cool to see what these guys can do on the waves that we surf all the time,” said Teichman, receiving manager at South Coast. “It was especially funny watching Pat figure out that the south side of the pier pretty much mushes out,” he added.

The Hurley crew kicked down with free coffee and donuts for everyone who made it out for the 7 a.m. session, either to surf or just watch. After surfing, a few pros and locals relaxed in the parking lot and talked surf, business, and travel. Watching from a distance, I noticed the Hurley guys seemed to genuinely enjoy meeting and surfing with our crew of employees and friends at the spot many of us spend our lunch breaks.

“I really want to thank everyone for hanging out and surfing this morning and welcoming the Hurley crew to our town,” said Heather Lamb, after the session.

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