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Ladies! Comfortable & Sexy Womens Workout Clothing from Oakley and O’Neill

by Allison on August 6, 2012

Working out is an important part of everyone’s lives. More and more women are hitting the gym, doing yoga, or doing some sort of sport to stay fit, healthy and active.

Any girl knows the importance of functional, supportive and even cute workout clothing, a lot of it is either not flattering, hard to find, or expensive.

Lately, a few companies have been coming out with new workout lines, inspired by the active ladies who also want to look good while working out; yet can be comfortable and able to move easy in her clothes. Oakley has begun to improve their women’s line; clothing and sunglasses. Each piece features bright colors, girly trims and embellishments, and technical fabrics. Their stuff is made to be moved in, sweated in, and lived while lasting a long time.

O’Neill has created a women’s workout line as well, called 365. All made to be worn 365 days a year. With cute prints and girly colors, their workout clothes are made to be worn from working out, straight to lunch with your friends, shopping, movies, etc. Basically you can live in these clothes, and if you feel how comfortable they are, you will want too. Each piece is made with wicking technology, to wick moisture from your skin to keep you comfortable and dry.

South Coast Surf Shop Women’s Workout Clothing:

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Every season, both of these companies are putting out cuter and cuter lines and who knows what they will think of next!? With summer in full swing, come down to our Wahines stores in Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach now and pick up some comfortable & sexy women’s workout clothing from Oakley & O’Neill!

Oakley & O’Neill Ladies Workout Clothing

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