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Nike, Not Just Your Mom and Dad’s Shoe Anymore

by Raleigh on March 11, 2009

If there has ever been a name that has represented the shoe industy, it has been Nike.  They have set the bar when it comes to stylish and comfortable sport’s apparel.  Having conquered most of the sporting world, Nike has set their sites on the up and coming action sport’s market.  The company that brought you the Air Jordan, drops the Nike 6.0 casual extreme line.

Ever since the world has been introduced to the X-Games and all the excitement that has followed in the action sport’s universe, clothing companies have taken notice of all the possibilities that can be capatilized on.  Nike has seen other clothing companies grab a foothold in the market and wanted a piece.  Since Nike has always had such a rich tradition in quality products, it only made sense that they bring us some of the best new action sport’s wear.  That brings us to the Nike 6.0 line.  This is their signature “extreme” sport’s wear, great for style and shredding your local skate spots.   Nike has stepped it up a level with innovative colors and comfortable fits that few other companies can offer.

What style defines you?  With the Nike 6.0 line, they have addressed all areas of life.  The Mavrk Mid will bring you back to those old school day of Chuck Taylors and Hoosier basketball shorts.  The Mavrk Low is the perfect summer shoe and looks amazing for a night out on the town.  The Air Zoom Oncore, Insurgent, Dunk, and Air Zoom Crush are all ideal shoes for extreme street wear.  New to South Coast Surf Shops and the online store is Nikes’ best shoe yet, the Air Zoom Converge.  The Nike 6.0 Converge offers excellent flexibility and durability that few others can invent for their skate shoes.  This is crucial for those hard core shredders that find that past footware can not hold up to their everyday wear and tear.  A new feature to the Nike 6.0 Air Zoom Converge is the improved outersole flex groove for better traction and control when skating giving you instant board connection.  Any way you look at it, Nike has you covered.

Whether you are making your way to The X-Games, a casual skate around town, or just want to make an impression on all your friends, then the Nike 6.0 line has a lot to offer that other companies can’t.  It’s easy to put a shoe on, but it isn’t easy to look good wearing them.  Nike has taken those worries away.  Make sure to pick up a pair at all South Coast Surf Shops or at  Check out one of employees ripping in a pair in the video above.

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