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O’Neill Everyday Jeans, don’t go another day without a pair.

by Christine on March 27, 2009

Picture this…you’re standing in front of the mirror agonizing over what to wear that day. You have class all day, then work, plus it’s Friday so you know you’ll be dragged out tonight. The last thing you want to do is pack a bunch of different outfits for the day. The solution? O’Neill Everyday Jeans! Pair them with a t-shirt and flip-flops for day activities and stow a snazzy top in your backpack for the night out and you are set. Problem solved!

O’Neill Everyday Jeans are the answer to every girl’s prayers for the perfect pair of jeans. Not only do they have a great fit but they are flattering to every girl’s body type. These low rise, flare fit jeans are comfy enough to wear all day long. Cute pocket details also add to their appeal.

So pick up a pair at your nearest South Coast Surf Shop and experience everyday you can with them.

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