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South Coast Wahines OB: 1 Year Anniversary

by Mandie on April 4, 2013

South Coast Wahines Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Wahines Turns 1!

If you walk down Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach, your bound to walk right into our newest store- South Coast Wahines! Since 1999, we’ve maintained a presence in Pacific Beach but as of April 6th, 2012, South Coast Wahines sits on additional turf! Proudly calling ourselves a surf boutique, Wahines has had booming business and locals are stoked on the fashion and surf culture with being one of the few shops in Southern California to be an all-ladies surf shop! I sat down with Rosie, our store manager, and talked shop, clothes, and the future of Wahines!

What is one of your favorite things about this store?

That’s a hard question! Its a 3 part answer- I love working with all the girls, getting to pick out outfits for the customers, and having the community and locals come together! And its a brand new store!!

How does this shop differ from Wahines Pacific Beach?

Its an open floor plan so there is more of a diverse selection of products. We carry certain brands that PB doesn’t such as People’s Movement shoes, Billabong footwear, and an entire Oakley women’s clothing wall.

Did you have any goals for the first year?

We wanted to get out in the community and let them know we are an all-ladies surf boutique!

And goals for next year?

Still reaching out to the community and showing them we have awesome customer service and great selections of clothing, footwear, and accessories!

Come down this Saturday April 6th, 2013 for an all day event including an Element Eden sample sale, local jewelry maker Serene with her “Serene Collection”, and coupons for your next visit!


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