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Surf Shops Don’t Carry Just Sandals… New Footwear Styles in the Surf Scene

by Mandie on October 12, 2012

“Do you carry wax?” “Where are your surfboards?” “Do you have the new O’Neill Psycho 3 wetsuit?” So many questions are thrown at us every day but the most common question we hear is “Where is your sandal section?” Awww… Sandals! One word can sum up surfers and surf babes everywhere! It’s the very thing that ties the surf industry together whether you like to shred it at Mavericks, get your tan on at the beach, or just like the relaxed, laid-back vibe sandals give you!  Beach communities from all around keep this very item in stock all year round:  sandals! 

Reef SandalsI personally love sandals! They can turn a little black dress into a casual cover up or a button up with slacks into a carefree but put together ensemble.  They stand for being free, independent, easy-going, and fun- everything I believe the surf industry stands for. Who knew wearing a pair of sandals could stand for all that?! Well, times are changing and even though we still believe in the carefree, relaxed vibe of sandals, us surfers and surf babes do have other occasions we need to attend to and rather than drive around to a thousand different places to pick up all our footwear needs, we can stop into one shop and find everything we are looking for because well… surf shops don’t carry just sandals!

A few years ago there was a revolution in the footwear industry. Sanuk can up with a concept to put shoes on hangers to make it easier for the customers to shop. Instead of waiting on sales associates to get their shoe size, they can walk up to a rack and get it themselves. Voilà: hanging footwear was born! Now instead of packing the racks with sandals, a different option was presented to us: comfortable, laid-back shoes! Still infused with a surfer-vibe, these shoes come in different varieties from earthy tones and pops of neons to eco-friendly materials and beachy prints. One shoe company took on the hanging footwear revolution to a new level by pairing with an Argentinian village and helping out young kids by giving away shoes- can you guess this one? TOMS concept One-For-One swept the world by storm and now this idea is a standard in the industry.

Vans Lace Up ShoesWith so many innovators in the footwear world, countless designs have been brought to our attention and we can’t resist bringing them to you for your individual needs. TOMS and O’Neill have branched out in ladies shoes and have amazing wedges all year long! Reef, who specializes in sandal comfort, has made way with bringing back the ballet flat into a comfortable but elegant design. O’Neill and Roxy have made way in the boot world and have trend-setting styles this year from a motorcycle boot to a wooden heal ankle fringe boot- I know, can you say amazing?! Men’s styles have come a long way too with loafers and slip-ons to lace-ups and leather shoes. I can tell you this much- when you come into South Coast Surf Shop, don’t just ask for the “sandal section”. There is a whole new world of shoes that surfers from all around the world can wear proud! BUT, if you do need sandals, you know where to go!

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