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Teeki: Yoga Gear that Gives Back

by Mandie on March 25, 2014

Teeki Yoga Pants at South Coast

South Coast Wahines Newest Member: Teeki

What do you get when you combine a fashionable, comfortable yoga pant with plastic bottles that pollute our earth? You get Teeki: a sustainable company dedicated to saving the environment and make products you love! Teeki is a California based company that believes %humans and nature can coexist in perfect harmony. In doing this, it is our duty to recycle and keep our earth clean! Did you know it takes 400 years for mother earth to naturally breakdown plastic bottles? By recycling, we can help prevent pollution and cut down landfills!
Eco Process at Teeki
Teeki’s Eco Process:

  • Pick up plastic bottles from community recycling center
  • bottles stripped, crushed, and melted into pellets
  • pellets melted and extruded to turn into a fiber
  • Fiber is crimped, stretched, and baled.
  • Fiber processed into fabric

Teeki doesn’t just recycle plastic bottles, they also use an eco-friendly printing process that produces zero waste! Who would have known that these awesome prints serve an eco-purpose?! But don’t think these pants are just for yoga! One of the many reasons why we love Teeki is the versatility! While made with recycled PET and spandex, this fabric stretches, hugs, and moves with you! So takes these swimming, surfing, hiking… wherever Teeki may take you! Teeki has pants fit for every girl- every personality!

Are you outdoorsy? You’ll definitely love Gypsy Deer Medicine– a capri pant with tie waist and an awesome deer print on the side! The Tarot Magick is a girly¬†hot pant with so many colors- it will go with everything in your closet! Do you have an astrological side? Moon Dance is a hot pant that allows you to move in every direction- no matter what phase of the moon! Get your wild on with Awakening– a fierce and fabulous all-over leopard print! Reflection has subtle grey with pretty purples, pinks, and blues. And lastly for all you unicorn lovers, Unicorn Wrangler is a hot pant complete with a unicorn print that will have heads turning at yoga studio! Stop by South Coast Wahines in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach to check out all the great designs from Teeki and clean up the environment- one yoga pant at a time!

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