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The Giving Movement: Maaji

by Mandie on May 9, 2013

Maaji swimwear and lingerie

Maaji Gives Back

You would be able to point Maaji swimwear out of any line up! Maaji- you know- the one with the cool mixed patterns and unique designs?! Maaji has made a splash in the swimwear business with always creative prints and bold colors and Maaji founders, Manuela and Amalia Sierra, intend to keep it that way! These sisters were looking to give women a feel pretty garment that was comfortable, trendy, and fresh! Made in Colombia, Maaji has expanded globally to 45 countries and isn’t stopping there! They already expanded into lingerie and will be just as successful with their lingerie as they are with their swimwear! If the textures and colors don’t pull you in right away, maybe their giving attitude will! Maaji patnered with ConTREEbute in efforts to “plant an ocean full of trees” in Colombia. Every suit you purchase from their 2012 “Underwater Conquest” line, a tree will be planted. So far the count is 39,000 new trees right now! Don’t worry, if you didn’t get a swimsuit from Maaji this year you can still help out the environment! They are continuing this gesture to their 2013 swimwear line “Seaside Reverie”. For more information on Maaji’s line please visit or stop in to any of our South Coast Wahines locations!

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