FCS Releases New Freedom Helix Leash

FCS Releases New Freedom Helix Leash

Introducing the new and game changing, FCS Freedom Helix Leash.

With a comfortable and lightweight cuff, hollow skeletal horn structure, thinner cord diameter and strong yet lightweight titanium swivels, the Freedom Helix sets a new benchmark for lightness.

Subtle bumps on the cord surface created by the internal helix results in smoother water flow which in turn reduces drag through the water.

Lightweight, hydrodynamic cuff and railsaver components mathced with a reduced cord diameter ensure minimal drag and resistance.

Blending sustainability and strength, the Freedom Helix cord is made from 50% corn-based bio-resin. This naturally sourced "EcoBlend" resin is not only better for the environment but stronger by diameter than any traditional TPU.

The inner Helix amplifies overall strength and is designed to strengthen unde rload for maximum shock absorption.

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