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      The CK COMP

      This model was a collaboration between competitive surfer Chris Keorner and Master Shaper Robin Prodanovich. It was designed to be a noserider but with maneuverability in mind as well. The CK- Comp nose is 19” wide (18.25”on the CR3) and 22.75 center width and a relatively narrow tail at 13.75” (14.5” on a CR-3). Those dimensions provide for a stable nose riding platform and a curvy plan line for ease of turning. The nose has a concave with a beveled rail and the mid-section is flat moving to a “V” in the tail. The overall rocker is less than the CR-3. Bottom and tail options include a round pin and soft double concave in the tail. The rails are medium volume running soft through the middle to vertical and hard in the last 12”s of the tail. 

      This board can be ridden very aggressively satisfying competitive requirements or very easily in many surf conditions by an average surfer. The CK-comp will do everything you want it to do.

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