Collection: The Pro Egg

Designed and ridden by one of our owners for the reefs and points, this model has been a go to when you want to compete for the larger sets out the back without sacrificing maneuverability once your up and riding. In big open faced waves, this board comes alive. The thruster set up gives you the control to flow through big carves and a lower tail rocker that keeps a positive drivey feel throughout the turn. Size down your fins for effortless turns without risking sliding out due to the lower tail rocker and long rail line. This board also grovels with the best of the eggs due to the slightly wider tail and flatter rocker for increased planeing ability. Whether you surf a short board and you are looking for a longer board you can still turn or if you surf a long board and you are looking for some more maneuverability, or your chasing some solid swells, this one ticks all the boxes. Good for just about any wave size!

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