Collection: The Soul Rider

Shaped by master craftsman Hank Byzak and glassed by the pros at Color Wheel Glassing, the Soul Rider is the answer for any “Toes Over the Nose” obsession. The Soul Rider is built to nose ride and glide with control just by leaning with the ankles to keep yourself in the sweet spot. 

The board has a nose concave fading into a rolled bottom in the middle with a perfectly foiled and slightly thinned out rail. The overall rocker is flat to help add to the nose riding quality with a little added tail rocker for hold. The rails are rolled up off the tail to give additional hold in the wave face needed to perch on the nose. The SC Soul Rider is glassed with double 6 once top and bottom and glossed and polished to add weight for increased forward momentum and strength. More weight can be added with the use of 8 ounce Volan cloth for the ultimate” Oldies” glass job. Cloth tints, hot coat bands and pins add to the classic look of the SC Soul Rider.