Collection: The Swegg

This model took the best aspects from several models to create a superb mid-sized board capable of handling variable surf conditions and a broad range of surfer abilities. It was originally designed (in the longer lengths) for guys riding longboards that were looking for a step down in length and mass, without giving up a lot of paddling, stability and float. The basis of the Swegg combines the performance of a great turning Swallow tail with the paddling, flotation and stability of an EGG. The Swegg has moderately more tail and nose rocker to facilitate turning and ridability in better surf without deleting the planning surface of an Egg. It can be designed as a Tri-Fin or a 5'–Fin set up and can be ridden as a quad or tri depending on the surfer’s preference or type of surf. Built in lengths starting at 7’0 to 8’6 to accommodate different sizes of surfers or surf conditions up to 8’ makes this board very versatile to all levels of ability. A great maneuverable alternative to a basic EGG or a Mini Longboard. So whether you are a longboarder, cruiser, middle aged executive shortboarder has-been, or a beginner you can experience shortboard performance with big board advantages on the SWEGG!